Chenab College Alumni Association (CCA) is being launched as a platform for fostering fraternity among Chenab College graduates with a sense of implicit relation to share events linked with student life in Chenab College and thereafter. CCA will be administered and managed by the alumni in every aspect under the guidance of faculty member(s) to organize get-together, social, educational and professional events in Chenab College Jhang.  Thus, CCA providesChenab College graduates an opportunity to maintain connections with their  faculty members as well as their fellow students. Chenab College Jhang students are encouraged to become members and know their classmates and other alumni.

The association was established on December23, 2007. An open election was conducted to elect the executive body of the association in CHENAB COLLEGE JHANG. The association has been has been granted affiliation by CCJ. The principal of the college is the patron of the association.


The association shall provide time to renew old acquaintances and see old classmates. Without the Alumni Association there would be no successful gathering. The association’s plans are to continue to have alumni and their families to participate in activities.

Alumni award

Alumni awards shall be awarded on the occasion of Annual Alumni Dinner every year. Donor of the term award, recipient shall be with maximum figure of donation. Volunteer award, shall be awarded to alumna alumnus who shall serve the college/CAA by any means and aspect without being a formal member of EGB.