Welcome to the Chenabian  Alumni Community!

Message from the patron

Reunions are a special time to revisit favourite memories and create new ones. Chenab college Jhang provides a forum to ex-chenabians in the form of the alumni association where they can provide themselves useful and helpful to one another.  This association is established for the interaction of the members by sharing the ways and means of availing opportunities all around the globe. This institution will remain cooperative and supportive to translate your dreams into reality.

It is worth mentioning with pride that the alumni have asserted themselves everywhere. The most pleasing and exhilarating thing for the parents is to hear the praises of their children, the same delight, we, spiritual parents receive, when the achievements of our old students are brought to light. It is a matter of great elation for us to keep in touch with old Chenabians. For all of us, it is an asset, a priceless asset.

Syed Mehdi Shah

Principal, Chenab College Jhang

Message from Alumni secretary

Greetings from chenabian alumni association. As the secretary of the alumni association it gives me great honor in welcoming you all to this association. It is my earnest desire to bring the alumni closer through this medium and I believe this forum will help in sustaining the relationship established in college.

The alumni being the foremost brand ambassadors have a conscious role to play in the development of the institution and can greatly contribute by bringing the new ideas and suggestions which would take CAA to next level. I wish to start a new culture among the alumni, one that ushers in cooperation in building a strong, aware and connected alumni relationship and assure you that there is always a warm welcome awaiting every alumnus back on campus.

Liaqat Ali

Alumni Secretary,

Chenab Alumni Association

Message from the President

Dear chenabians,

I welcome you all to the campus of Chenab college jhang, the college that has made a great strides and has met with success. This was possible due to the unflinching faith we had together to scale new heights, even it has emerged the reputable college of the country from being the smallest in 1992.

The association has been granted affiliation by the CCJ. No one can gainsay that old students’ associations can do what the institution can’t do by itself. Since the college was established, it was being realized to have an alumni association which may provide an opportunity of reunion as well as may support the college in many aspects mentioned in detail in our mission statement. It gives me an immense pride and satisfaction that the advancement of CCJ will now be supported by CHENABIANS Alumni Association. However we can’t rest on our past laurels, the new association imposes multiple challenges on us. Hence it demands from each one of you increased level of effort and commitment. As a part of chenabian alumni association’s family, every x-chenabian must shoulder the responsibility to elevate our institution to the status of the “best college” in the country.  This can only be materialized if we infuse within ourselves sense of ownership of the organization that we are a part of it. Being a president, I request you all to help us in registering more and more members.

We would appreciate if you send us your suggestions, comments through emails or sms. If you know the families of deceased alumni let them know that they are welcomed to participate in alumni activities.

We look forward to the great time we shall have every year. Chenabian Alumni are serious and noble!