• Attendance Policy

    For promotion to the next class and for the admission to be sent up (in case of board classes) 75% attendance is compulsory. Attendance less than 75% is not acceptable for Board classes, whereas 80% attendance is mandatory in case of O / A Level classes. Students of Class 8 onwards will be suspended from college roll if they remain absent for four continuous/discontinuous days in a month and six days in a month for rest of the classes.

  • Unfair Means

    Use of unfair means during exams in any form is not acceptable at any cost. Student proven guilty of using unfair means, that is keeping any cheat sheet for his/her help during any exam/test, will be expelled from college. This is in the best interest of Chenabians to make them more responsible, upright and disciplined.

  • Access to Teachers

    Parents must not meet any teacher directly. Principal will refer such cases to the relevant Headmaster / Headmistress if deemed necessary.

  • Dress Code

    Students are required to wear the complete college uniform properly ironed and shoes polished. Their turnout is regularly checked. Girl students are not allowed to put on make-up or wear jewellery of any kind.

  • Digital Devices

    Mobile phones, media players, tabs and laptops etc are strictly prohibited on the campus; with the exception of prior permission from the college authorities. The mobile phones are confiscated if found from the students, and Rs.5000/- is fined as well. In case of any emergency, students are allowed to use the college phones with the permission of competent authority. If found during working hours, devices may be broken.

  • Suspension or Expulsion from the College

    Damage to any college property by any student would certainly mean his/her expulsion from the college. The Principal is authorized to fine, suspend or expel any student at any time if he feels that student’s stay in the college is not in the best interest of the institution. In case of infraction, students are dealt with iron hands.

  • Smoking

    Chenab College Campus is a smoking-free zone. Any student found smoking inside or in front of the campus, is strictly dealt with.

  • Group Festivities and Last-Gasp Parties

    Beverages and edibles may be consumed only during break and wrappers and plastic bags are deposited in bins. In case of violation, the student is heavily fined. No food stuffs are allowed to be taken inside the classroom or wing during break. However, fresh water bottles during hot summer days may be carried in the school bags to the classrooms. Birthday parties or other celebrations are not allowed on the campus including the cafeteria, the lawns and the classrooms, except with prior permission of the competent authority. Moreover, ink-blotting, snow-spraying and such other ventures are dealt with iron hands.