To provide quality education to all, in a manner most suitable to produce a generation of youth with wholesome personality, sound intellect, true citizenship, physical fitness and qualities of leadership to enable the country stand shoulder to shoulder with nations of the world. The primary aim of this institution is to educate and train boys and girls of ability and promise to hold positions of responsibility in all walks of life. The duration of full course is 14 years starting from class Nursery. Students are prepared for Secondary School Certificate, Intermediate, O Level and A’ Level University of Cambridge Examination. The normal curriculum of the institution includes English, Urdu, Islamic Studies, Pakistan Studies, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer Science. The choice of each student is carefully adjusted to his/her ability and aptitude, as well as to the future career which he/she has in view.
The medium of instruction is purely English. Chenab College is first involved in producing good citizens in every sense of this weighty word. Considerable attention is given to the moral, intellectual, physical, emotional and social development of the students. Qualities of enthusiasm, initiative, and high standards of morality, considerate behaviour and discipline are emphasized. Individual effort is rewarded and teamwork developed.