Lt Col Azam Maqbool Siddiqi (R)


Chenab College Jhang is one of the most robust institution amongst the best in Pakistan yet a class in its own for imparting quality education, offering grand structure, serene environment and above all second to none in excellence. I am honoured to head the institution as a Principal. We take in students who are four to five years old like a raw carbon and refine them gently to radiant diamonds excellently with complete attention, perseverance and educational craftsmanship till they pass out as immaculate gentlemen and refined ladies after passing Intermediate. We have experienced faculty which renders with complete dedication to the requirement of a child with fervour, zeal and responsibility which reflects in the excellent result CCJ always produces. CCJ has been contributing in producing Doctors, Engineers, Civil servants and Brass who are serving our motherland with the same loyalty they learn as students at CCJ. We not only provide them best education possible without burdening the wallets of the parents but also imparting the best educational facility from grade Nsy to Intermediate at a very affordable fee structure. Apart from the tuition provided, it is no less than a felicity for reverend parents that we have the most tranquil atmosphere with lush green lawns over an area of 208 acres. For co-curricular activities, only CCJ offers a Cricket ground approved by Pakistan Cricket Control Board (PCB), International Standard Swimming Pool, Squash Courts, Hockey, Football and Basketball grounds. I, as a Principal truly believe in Albert Einstein’s Quote, “Education is not the learning of facts, but training of minds to think”. So, we at CCJ uphold high standards in building mind and soul of a child with love, respect, understanding, appreciation, motivation and logics thus producing men and women with decision making skills, self-confidence and character building with high moral values. In Shaa Allah, our students will always be a true picture of our motto “Aspire and Achieve”.

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